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No matter whether it is an expedition vehicle, a pick-up, a flatbed vehicle or a tiny house

Our all-round service includes the entire development and production of your personal living cabin. We attach great importance to sustainability and therefore use materials such as wood, hemp and cork instead of petroleum-based insulation and materials.

The stable structure is based on a special wooden frame, which we developed specifically for vehicle construction and can withstand the stresses of road and off-road use.

We also only work with sloping roofs because we do not use adhesives. This significantly extends the service life as the risk of leaks is greatly reduced.

We offer individual structures for:

  • Expedition mobiles

  • Pick-ups

  • Flatbed trucks

  • Tiny houses

  • Trailer

  • ...

Of course, we also offer individual complete bodies with furniture, electrical system, water and wastewater system, as well as conversion work on the base vehicle.

We look forward to your request

Danke fürs Einreichen! Wir werden uns bei dir melden.

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