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Coming 2025:
A motorhome made of wood

"Discover the natural elegance of traveling: Our motorhome with wooden cabin body!

Experience the symbiosis of rustic beauty and modern comfort in our unique motorhome. The wooden cabins not only lend a warm and cozy charm, but also offer a sustainable alternative. With thoughtful design and high-quality craftsmanship, we offer a travel experience that stands out from the crowd."


Natural and pleasant ambience from a combination of solid wood, sheep felt and modern materials give our vehicles a unique indoor climate.

State-of-the-art comfort: Despite the rustic design, sophisticated technology ensures maximum travel comfort and self-sufficiency.

Focus on sustainability: Our wooden cabins are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. The wooden frame contains hemp and cork insulation, making the motorhome usable from 20°C to +50°C.

Technical data

(development status)

  • Mass weight

    • Total length: approx. 5800mm

    • Interior dimensions L/W/H: 3000mm/2100mm/2500mm

    • 3500kg permissible total weight with approx. 500kg payload

  • Construction

    • Weather-resistant wooden facade

    • Wooden frame with 50mm hemp and cork insulation on VW single cab long wheelbase

    • Double glazing made of real glass in Danish windows

  • ​Sitting/Sleeping​

    • 4 large seats: 2 x 1600mm benches

    • Bed dimensions: 1600mm x 2100mm / cot (tdb)

  • Cook

    • large kitchen with 1400mm length

    • Compressor fridge, 2 hobs, sink and storage space

  • Heating​

    • Self-sufficient electrical system with heat pump (air conditioning/heating) + underfloor heating

    • Diesel auxiliary heating / possibly wood stove

  • Washing​

    • Flex bathroom with sliding door

    • Toilet and sink on pull-outs

    • Outdoor shower

  • Activities​

    • Bicycle garage with space for 2 large Enduro MTBs

    • Storage space inside and outside the vehicle

Secure a production spot by pre-ordering and receive a discount of €2,500 on the later selling price

Are you interested or have questions?

Get in touch with us by phone or via the contact form

further information will be published here later in the year. As of: February 15, 2024

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