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The indoor climate makes the difference

- Everyone knows it: the oppressive and damp feeling when waking up after a cool or rainy camping night

Solid wood and sheep felt are natural materials with outstanding moisture-regulating properties. The high-quality solid wood we use to build our caravans can absorb and release moisture, stabilizing the indoor climate. These properties ensure a balanced humidity in the interior and prevent both too high and too low humidity levels. An optimal indoor climate not only contributes to well-being, but also protects against the formation of mold and other moisture problems.


In addition to using solid wood and sheep felt, we have optimized our wall construction with hemp and vapor retarders. The hemp fibers act as a natural insulation and also help to remove moisture and ensure a balanced indoor environment. The vapor retarders effectively prevent moisture from penetrating from the outside, protecting the caravan structure from moisture damage.


By comparison, conventional caravans, which are often insulated with Styrofoam or similar materials, can have an unfavorable indoor climate. After a rainy night in a conventional caravan, the humidity in the interior may not be optimally regulated. This can cause clothing and other items to become damp, which can be unpleasant and detrimental to health.

We believe in using natural materials such as solid wood, sheep felt and hemp to significantly improve the comfort of living in our caravans. Experience an indoor climate that is conducive to your health and well-being and enjoy the benefits of nature in our lovingly designed caravans.

Temperature and humidity measurement

We have conducted tests to analyze the important issue of comfort.

Cooler and humid nights are considered.

Test environment:

2 persons in a 4.7m Bürstner caravan

2 persons and 1 dog in a wooden HC240


- For both, the wet clothes like rain jackets were taken inside.

- The temperature and humidity were recorded

- It was not heated

Behalglichkeitstest 2.jpg

Test environment: Röders Park Soltau; 22.07.2023 12° at night; 5.9l/m² precipitation


The measured values differ significantly. Approximately 15% less humidity was measured in the wooden caravan.


On the glazing, one could perceive the visual difference. In the HC240 there was a narrow edge of moisture.

In the Bürstner, on the other hand, all the windows were completely fogged up and water condensed out.


At even lower temperatures, the difference will probably be even greater.

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