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Holzbauweise HC240 wooden caravan from €17,489

- Everything you need for camping

Fact check outside


With 700kg - 850kg curb weight a VW Polo could already pull the camper with a permissible total weight of 1050kg.

External dimensions length width height: 400cm 220cm 217cm


Weather-resistant and locally sourced thermal pine is the focal point of the exterior paneling.

Completely insulated with renewable insulating materials.

2 panes of insulating glass made of real glass ensure quiet and good insulation

XXL - Outdoorkitchen

The entire kitchen can be pulled out by 200 cm in just a few simple steps.

2 burner gas cooker

Sink with 12l each fresh and waste water

30l and optional 40l compressor cool box

Fact check inside


and space enough for a small family.

Bed box extendable to 120cm and plenty of storage space for clothes and camping supplies. 

On request, an additional cot with fall protection.

Wardrobe and shelf next to the front door


Kitchen can be used fully indoors in bad weather.

Optional dry separating toilet can be found behind the kitchen.

USB A, USB C and 230V sockets in the important places.

Optional self-sufficient on-board network with solar panels and lithium battery

indoor climate

Solid wood, sheep's felt, hemp and cork ensure a fresh and pleasant room climate. The diffusion-open wall structure allows the camper to breathe.

No glue or plastic fumes

Would you like to experience the Holzbauweise HC 240 live? Just give us a call and we'll make an appointment to visit

Button to fold, learn more about the technical data
Button to fold out, learn more about the technical data
Fahrgestell / Chassis
Zulässiges Gesamtgewicht / Permissible total weight
1050kg - 1300kg
Leergewicht / emty weight
700kg - 850kg
Zuladung / load
min. 200kg
Stützlast / support load
Gesamtmaße Länge Breite Höhe / total dimensions lenght width hight
433cm x 238cm x 214cm
max. Geschwindigkeit / max speed
80km/h oder 100km/h
Hersteller des Chassis / chassis producer
Holzbauweise / KNOTT
Campingkabine / campingcabin
Maße Länge Breite Höhe / dimensions lenght width hight
240cm x 160cm x 120cm -150cm
Dämmung / insulation
50mm Hanf hemp + Kork cork
Fenster / windows
2 Scheiben Isolierglas / 2 panes insulating glass
Innenausbau / interior
Matratze / mattress
120cm x 195cm
Kinderbett / cot
60cm x 160cm
Staufächer unter dem Bett / Storage compartments under the bed
4 Fächer und 1 Schublade / 4 compartments and 1 drawer
Garderobe / Wardrobe
Platz für Jacken, Rucksäcke und Schuhe / Space for jackets, backpacks and shoes
Toilette / toilet
Optionale Trockentrenntoilette / optional dry separation toilet
Küche / Kitchen
Kocher / stove
2 Gaskocher und 1,8kg Gas / two flame stove and 1,8kg gas
Frischwasser / freshwater
Abwasser / greywater
Kühlbox / coolingbox
Elektrik / electrical system
Option "Autark" / option "self-sufficient"
50ah LiFePO4 + 100wh Solar
Option "4 Jahreszeiten" / option "4 seasons
100ah LiFePO4 + 340wh Solar
Steckdosen / sockets
2x USB / 1x USB-C / 1x 12V / 1x 230V

Customize your wooden caravan according to your wishes

How do you want to travel?

Your car or a CEE cable supply your camper with electricity

100wh solar and an efficient 50ah lithium battery supply your camper with electricity

Two 170wh solar and an efficient 125ah lithium battery supply your camper with electricity. In addition, an electric heater is installed

Which tyres should be on your wooden caravan?

15 inch steel wheel with street tires

All terrain tires for all roads and gravel paths. 45mm more clearance

All terrain tires for all roads and gravel paths. 45mm more clearance

Off-road tires for every eventuality. 45mm more clearance

The walls and the light bar in the sky are covered with real sheep's felt in the color of your choice. The material regulates the room climate in a positive and natural way. To reduce waste, your drawers are also lined with it

As an option, we offer a high-quality mattress with an integrated Flexima slatted frame. You can choose the color and the mattress firmness level

Another fixed glass window, directly above the bed, which floods the room with additional light

The 2 meter long kitchen can be completely pulled out of the vehicle so that you can cook in the open air. The kitchen is guided with 200kg rails and securely positioned with a support foot

Our cotton tarp protects you from sun and rain with its dimensions of 250cm x 325cm. It is attached to the rear of the camper. You also get a steel pole and guy ropes

an additional sleeping place

60cm x 160cm for children up to 10 years. Bars included to secure small children

As an alternative to the wooden roof, we offer an anthracite or red-brown tin roof with a pan effect

Even the smallest corner is used.

The dry composting toilet can be stowed away to save space and is quickly accessible

The cool box grows by 10l to 40l in volume and you also get a flat work surface

Sometimes things have to go a little faster. We prepare your caravan technically for the 100 km/h approval.

Attention: It is essential to observe the respective regulations in combination with the towing vehicle 

Farbe für das Holz im Innenausbau

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accessory products


total price

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