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Altländer Blütenfest 04.05 - 05.05

Stellplatz im Gemeindegarten an der kleinen Bühne

The company HOLZBAUWEISE stands for sustainable travel and ecological awareness. With our camping vehicles, we offer eco-friendly solutions for adventurers who want to combine their passion for camping with nature


and longevity are just as important as being able to repair products in order to extend their useful life


and tried-and-tested concepts make camping fun. Using the space you have efficiently is the biggest challenge

New ways

tread and boldly break out of familiar patterns. There is no perfect solution - the best solution is a compromise

The new Holzbauweise HC240

-compact wooden caravan with 240cm interior

360° images - e.gto click

360° interior wooden caravan

The Holzbauweise HC240 is a compact wooden caravan with a spacious interior of 240cm length and 160cm width.


Upon entering the camper, you are greeted by a cozy atmosphere of natural materials and thoughtful design. The interior is cleverly designed to make efficient use of the available space, so you can enjoy all the comforts of home.


The photo of the interior invites you to get a first impression. If you're curious, you can click the photo and experience a full 360° view of the interior. Dive in and explore every corner of the caravan to convince yourself of its coziness and functionality.

Our kitchen is the heart of our wooden caravan and offers you everything you need for a comfortable camping experience. With a total length of 2 meters, it is generously designed and can be used both inside and outside.


The integrated sink with running water allows you to effortlessly wash up and prepare fresh food.

Enjoy the freedom of cooking outdoors with the gas stove, which is equipped with two gas fields. Whether you're camping or in the middle of nowhere, the kitchen gives you the flexibility to prepare your favorite meals.


Plus, there's plenty of storage space for dishes and food, so you can keep everything neat and tidy.

So that you always have chilled drinks and fresh food, a cooler box is integrated into the equipment. So you are well prepared for your adventure trips.


The size and functionality of this kitchen are unique in the vehicle class and allow you a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience like never before.

Leave your everyday life behind and start into the nature with your camper. Find the perfect spot for one or more nights and set up your little camp the way you need it.


For hot summer days or rain showers we have a suitable awning made of technical cotton ready.

360 degrees outside 2.JPG
360 degrees outside 1.JPG
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When our products appear

The first wooden caravan HC240 can now be ordered

At the beginning of 2024 we will start a mobile home project - our wooden cabin on a flatbed

At the beginning of 2025 we will build a large and fully-fledged wooden caravan

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